Yoga is generally thought to have originated in India thousands of years ago as a system of physical, mental and spiritual practices.

Today we have many different styles of yoga that combine movement, stretching, breathing techniques and meditation in different proportions and levels of intensity all done with the express intent to develop your mental and physical wellbeing.

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Benefits of Virtual Yoga

What is beautiful about Yoga is that it can be done anywhere by anyone regardless of age or fitness level while seeing great results from the first session which in Yoga is called a practice.

Depending on your starting levels and your goals you can use your Yoga practice to strengthen your body, improve your flexibility or simply relieve the buildup of daily stress.

Our certified trainers will help you pick the goals and intentions of each practice all the while guiding you through each movement.

• Reduces stress and improves mental health

• Keeps the body healthy by relieving aches and tightness buildup from office work

• Improves physical and mental vigour through its combination of strength, flexibility, breathwork and meditation

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Equipment Recommendations

Yoga can literally be done anywhere with no equipment. There’s even such a thing as bed yoga which is a variation or sequence of yoga that you do in bed either before going to sleep or upon waking up. However, since you’re most likely going to want to explore more variations here are some equipment recommendations.


Yoga Matthis is probably the only essential piece of equipment that will help you get into your poses without slipping and protect your limbs and back from the hardness of the floor

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Stretching Strap an optional addition that will help you increase flexibility, particularly helpful for those poses that you can’t quite reach yet

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Yoga Block another optional and very helpful tool to assist with progression and modify poses for easier variations

Recommended Trainers

Pauline Celine Cusing

Yoga, HiiT, Bodybuilding, Stretching, Injury & Pain Management, Nutritional Consultation, Meditation, Flexibility


Quezon City, PH

Katrina Lantin

HiiT, Yoga, Bodybuilding, Stretching, Injury & Pain Management


Las Pinas City, PH