Ability to move through complete ranges of motion is foundational to physical health and developing your mobility and flexibility are key to supporting a healthy, injury free body.

Whatever your motivation for seeking out stretching guidance, our trainers can create stretching routines that help you meet your objective.

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Benefits of Virtual Stretching Training

Maybe you can’t touch your toes anymore or you want to finally be able to do a back bridge. Or perhaps your joints feel very stiff and this is causing you pain or leading to recurring injuries.

Our trainers will help you create the most effective stretching routines so that you can make continuous progress towards your mobility and flexibility goals.

• Alleviate joint pain and muscle soreness

• Reduce the risk of injury

• Improve your posture, fitness and movement ability

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Equipment Recommendations

All you need to stretch is a bit of space and a bit of time. However, your mobility and flexibility can be developed easier and faster with the use of some recommended equipment.


Yoga Mat  or any mat for that matter. Something that can protect your joints and back from the stiffness of the floor while ideally providing some grip so that you don’t slip while trying to get into certain positions

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Resistance Band great at providing some resistance to push against so that you can then relax into a more complete position through a technique called PNF where you first contract your muscle at a certain range of motion so that you can release and relax into a deeper stretch

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Foam Roller this tool is great to have around in order to release the muscles and tendons that are too tight and that could be preventing us from moving correctly or getting into deeper stretches

Recommended Trainers

Felipe Zancolli Quintana

Stretching, Meditation, Flexibility, Mobility


Ciudad de México, MX

Gabe Guiuan

HiiT, Bodybuilding, Stretching, Injury & Pain Management, Pre and Post Natal, Flexibility, Mobility


Pateros, PH

Hannia G Beltrán

Stretching, HiiT, Flexibility, Mobility, Pilates


Ciudad de México, MX

Pauline Celine Cusing

Yoga, HiiT, Bodybuilding, Stretching, Injury & Pain Management, Nutritional Consultation, Meditation, Flexibility


Quezon City, PH

Agostina Prieto Martínez

Stretching, HiiT, Zumba, Pilates, Mobility


Capital federal , AR

Katrina Lantin

HiiT, Yoga, Bodybuilding, Stretching, Injury & Pain Management


Las Pinas City, PH