• Moe ALshaikh

How to stick to your diet and still have a fun social life

Most of us feel that if we are going to fully commit to our health, our social life has to suffer. The truth is you can have them both, the below tips can help.

Why can't I stick to a diet when socializing?

When socializing, you are surrounded by peer pressure and food and drinks you would not usually have around. This creates temptation, which is hard to resist. Here's when it's essential to understand these triggers and learn ways to avoid or reduce their impact. Let's look at some tips and tricks that will show you how to stick to a diet when socializing.

Eat before you go

Eat something healthy beforehand. This way, when you eat out, you will want a smaller meal and will have fewer cravings.

Think ahead

If you know the food will be unhealthy, either save your cheat day for the event or cater your other meals throughout the day to allow for this.

Don’t forget to exercise

Do some light bodyweight exercises or cardio after an unhealthy meal. You can also exercise before the event if you do not have time after.

Mindful drinking

Try some lower-calorie drinks at your next drinking event. You can also skip a round of drinks or alternate alcohol with non-alcoholic beverages.

Here we have given you some great tips on how to stick to a diet when socializing. Slowly start making these changes and if you need more inspiration and support, your online personal trainer can help.