Meditation is the simple act of calming our racing minds through various practices where we observe our thoughts with detachment and focus our mind on a single point. It is usually done through being mindful of the present state with some combination of breathwork and mind-body observation.


Meditation is very effective at reducing stress and improving the quality and clarity of thinking which assist in supporting good mental health.

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Benefits of Virtual Meditation

Meditation is mostly about fostering better awareness of self in order to feel more in control of our mental states and improve our general wellbeing. And just like most things, meditation is a skill that is easier acquired with the help of a trainer.

• Reduces stress levels and improves sense of wellbeing

• Develops ability to focus and improves mental clarity

• Supports and maintains good mental health

Recommended Trainers

Felipe Zancolli Quintana

Stretching, Meditation, Flexibility, Mobility


Ciudad de México, MX

Pauline Celine Cusing

Yoga, HiiT, Bodybuilding, Stretching, Injury & Pain Management, Nutritional Consultation, Meditation, Flexibility


Quezon City, PH