Injury & Pain Management

The wear and tear of every day life sometimes lead to acute injuries and at times to the development of chronic pain that further impairs movement and degrades life quality. It’s important that you seek to fix these issues when you first start noticing them.


Our qualified trainers can help you identify the source and nature of the pain or injury and help you create a rehabilitation plan. 

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Benefits of Virtual Injury & Pain Consultations

Whether you’re short on time and can’t make it to a physio clinic or perhaps you want an immediate consultation, virtual physiotherapy evaluations can be a convenient and effective way to manage injuries and guide your recovery. 

• Get an evaluation from the comfort of your own home

• Seek guidance for acute injuries while traveling

• Improves wellbeing by helping you move pain free

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Equipment Recommendations

While equipment is optional, having some basics on hand can make the recovery process faster and more effective. Here are a few of our recommended equipment choices:


Swiss Ballassists in a variety of rehab based movements while also working on balance and stability

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Resistance Band great for adding various levels of resistance to rebuild compromised parts of the body or just to improve range of motion and release tightness

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Foam Roller this tool helps to release overly tight muscles and tendons

Recommended Trainers

Jay Futalan

Injury & Pain Management, Nutritional Consultation, HiiT


Quezon City, PH

Katrina Lantin

HiiT, Yoga, Bodybuilding, Stretching, Injury & Pain Management


Las Pinas City, PH

Gabe Guiuan

HiiT, Bodybuilding, Stretching, Injury & Pain Management, Pre and Post Natal, Flexibility, Mobility


Pateros, PH

Pauline Celine Cusing

Yoga, HiiT, Bodybuilding, Stretching, Injury & Pain Management, Nutritional Consultation, Meditation, Flexibility


Quezon City, PH