Called the “sweet science” by many due to the intricacies of what sometimes just looks like throwing punches, boxing is a full body workout that combines precision, power, speed, coordination, and cardio that despite what you might think can be done anywhere and without the need of any equipment.

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Benefits of Virtual Boxing

Boxing for fitness and wellbeing can be done anywhere without the need of any equipment through shadowboxing, a practice that is both more challenging and fun than it looks.

Your trainer will instruct you to punch with a variation of combinations all the while moving and alternating with periods where you move up down or side to side which practices your ability to avoid punches and set up your own.

• Improves conditioning significantly

• A great way to do cardio at home

• Amazing at maximizing calorie burn when short on time

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Equipment Recommendations

Shadowboxing doesn’t require any equipment but you can improve your boxing workouts with a couple of optional additions.


Jump Ropeboxers routinely jump rope to improve their cardio, conditioning and agility. The benefits of having a jump rope is that it provides a great workout, can be used in most spaces and easy to carry anywhere

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Resistance Band bands are a very versatile tool to add resistance and variety whether you’re working on punching speed, punching power or other boxing assistance movements


Light Dumbbells light dumbbells provide additional resistance for each movement that quickly increases the challenge of each workout

Recommended Trainers

Wilmar Tumbali

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